– Apparel
– Accessories
– Consumer Products
– eCommerce
– Retail

Triangle Capital has a high degree of specialization in the apparel, accessories, retail and consumer industries. These businesses are unique in a number of ways. Often, these companies are highly dependent on a small group of individuals for their success. Unlike many other businesses with more predictable performance, the merchandising skill of a management team has a critical effect on each period’s financial outcome.

Thus, structuring transactions that maintain a company’s ability to replicate and improve its financial performance is a key component of any transaction. Making that structure work for both buyers and sellers is a delicate balance where experience with similar transactions plays a key role. As a result of our experience in merchandising industries, we have relationships with senior management in the most important companies in the apparel, accessory, and retail industries. We believe that any business which has to merchandise content as part of its key skills requires a special level of understanding that only experience can bring. These skills are transferable to any company with similar characteristics and requirements.


– SaaS Platforms & Applications
– Commerce / Marketing Tech & Payments
– Data / Analytics
– Digital Media & Marketing
– Marketplaces

Triangle Capital professionals have extensive experience in the Tech & Digital sectors, particularly within the broader commerce landscape. We are seeing significant innovation in the sector throughout numerous verticals, including content, commerce, marketing, payments, social, local, mobile and gaming. A confluence of drivers including rapid consumer migration and time spent online, the ubiquity of smartphones, the relative low-cost to underlying technology of digital businesses, the convergence…

…of offline and online commerce, network effects and low customer acquisition costs, and a more friction-less shopping experience are just some of the key factors driving change. These change agents have created incessant opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop a “better, more efficient way” within startup environments that are causing disruption to larger incumbents. Triangle understands the unique aspects to the digital sector, including the pace of change, ever-evolving landscapes, the importance of a thoughtful strategic plan, raising capital quickly and efficiently, and the delicate nuances of maximizing a successful exit outcome by being “bought, not sold.” We maintain active dialogues with relevant strategic acquirers as well as the venture capital and growth equity firms investing in the space in order to provide fresh market perspectives, tailored solutions and targeted courses of action. Our comprehensive expertise gives us a unique perspective on the sector while always putting the client’s interests first, allowing them to navigate effectively through important lifecycle events.
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